Know Your Land in Telangana – Check your Land Status

Know Your Land in Telangana – Check your Land Status

Governament of telangana has introduced an easy way to check your agriculture land status instead of Dharani website. Earlier people used to visit the Dharani website to get ROR and 1B of their agriculture lands which needs to verify OTP and login. Where as present CCLA website doesn’t require any OTP verification and you can directly get your land records. We can visit website and easily verify your land records by navigation to web page Know your Land Status.

know land status

Click on Know Your Land Status link on home page to navigate to ROR and 1B section.

Select ROR-1B & Pahani section to visit the page where you need to select your District, Division, Mandal and Village to display survey numbers.

This is where you can search agriculture land records by Khata No or Survey No. If you recently bought any agriculture land you can check your mutation status by providing mutation date or Buyer name or Seller Name in respective fileds.

This is very useful for people who are willing to buy the agriculture land and want to verify the land status to stay away from government land or enam land or maktha land. This is mainy useful to verify the extent of land and nature of land.

Hope this information useful.

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